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Bible Facts Newspaper Article

Welcome to Bible Facts, an informational column provided by Fundamental Baptist Church of Summerside and written by Pastor Ian Kurylyk.  This is published regularly on the Summerside newspaper, The Journal Pioneer.

1. The First Commandment
3. The Third Commandment
5. The Fifth Commandment
7. The Seventh Commandment
9. The Eight Commandment
11. The Tenth Commandment
13. Prophecy Fulfilled
15. Things To Come
17. The AntiChrist
19. The Born Again Experience
21. The Patriarch Noah
23. The Poor In Spirit
25. Blessed Are The Meek
27. Emmanuel, God With Us
29. A New Start
31. The Time Of Your Life
33. Christian Foundations - God's Word
35. Christian Foundations - Faith
37. Christian Foundations - Truth
39. Eternity
41. Christian Foundations - 2nd Coming Of Christ
43. Christian Foundations - Redemption
45. A New Beginning
47. Gods Witnesses 7 The Completed Cycle
49. Addictions
51. Bankruptcy
53. Christmas
2. The Second Commandment
4. The Fourth Commandment
6. The Sixth Commandment
8. Easter Message
10. The Ninth Commandment
12. Broken Commandments
14. Prophecy Being Fulfilled Today
16. Globalization
18. Missing Info
20. Nominal Christianity
22. The Beginning of Wisdom
24. The Second Beatitude
26. The Fourth Beatitude
28. God With Us Part 2
30. Pound The Pulpit
32. The Wisdom of Solomon
34. Between Two Thieves
36. Historic Christianity
38. Christian Foundations - New Birth
40. Sunday Go To Meetin
42. Christian Foundations - Truth
44. Parable of the Sower And The Seed P1
46. Extending the Graph
48. A Heart of Stone
50. Baal Worship
52. Christian Basics
54. December

As the name suggests, our goal is to examine the teachings of the Bible, and draw our readersí attention to its significance in the present day.  We believe Godís Word is the Truth, and that it carries its own evidence to all that approach it with an openness, honesty, and humility.  We hope the column will be of help to you in a personal and practical way.  Be sure to check the Friday edition of the Journal Pioneer on the church page as new articles appear.

All articles on this page can be downloaded as one large pdf document for printing purposes.  Feel free to download Bible Facts and to distribute to your friends.