For Young People

 Kids' Club

Young Blue Bird The Kids' Club meets on a regular basis throughout most of the year, to teach children the ways of God at an early age.   Children ages 6 to 11 are welcome to join this group. The program includes Bible instruction, singing, missionary stories, crafts and games, and a treat for the children.

II Timothy 3:15 tells us, "...that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus ."   It is a precious thing to come to know Christ at a tender age, a blessing that will be with that person their whole lives.

 The Teen Group

Penguin playing hockey

The Teen Group meets throughout the year to hear Bible teaching, and to participate in a variety of sports and social activities.   Some of these have in the past included floor hockey, basketball, volleyball, and also some pre-planned outdoor activities.   This program is geared to the 12-to-19 age group; we invite teens from the community to come join us.

There are also teen conferences and meetings hosted by other churches that the teens have an opportunity to participate in each year.   The regular teen group meets on Friday nights; please contact us for more information.

 Sunday School

Our Sunday School program, every Sunday morning at 10:00AM, ministers to all ages. We welcome you to come and study the Word in classes from preschool to adult.

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