Bible Facts

You Be The Judge

From the “Bible Facts” Newspaper Column, by Ian Kurylyk, January 2013

"Yea, and why even of yourselves judge ye not what is right" (Luke 12:57)?

While God is the Supreme Court, He has made us like lower courts that must pass judgments on things that have to do with our lives and relationship to Him.  We cannot escape this stewardship.

We must sort through the evidences and witnesses, and even lies, that we encounter and come to conclusions of truth.  It is absolutely critical that we be right.  God says to every individual He has brought into being; I am putting you over the matters of your life and your soul.  You must sit in judgment over many matters that have to do with your present life and with the world to come.  There are many decisions to be made, many conclusions, many choices, many judgments.  You be the judge.  You will live or die by what you decide.

The most important verdicts to be rendered have to do with our worship life.  Does God exist?  Who is He?  What is He like and how may I be accepted by Him?  How do I solve my sin problem?  What is the way of salvation?

Many “outsource” these fundamental decisions.  I’ve had people tell me, “I leave that to the wife”.  Some rest entirely on the opinion of scientists and the theory of evolution.  Others trust the matter to a clergy figure, or the consensus of their friends, or  public opinion, or a media figure or some panel of experts.  None of these must answer to God for you.  You alone will be held responsible for your personal choices.

Could you imagine a person finding a website with a name like TRUST and sending all his passwords, PIN codes, credit card numbers, and personal identity information to them for safe keeping?  But many people have the same naive approach to where they will spend eternity.

God has provided sufficient witnesses to enable us to come to right judgments if we will only have honest hearts and go to Him to find the answers.  It is my absolute conviction that the essence of finding the truth is to come to a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Personal Saviour from sin.

There is a Part II to this study.  It looks ahead to the day of God’s judgment and is called “You Be The Defendant”.  One day You will.